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African Lions Fund Introduction

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How to Invest

Investors from any jurisdiction can currently invest (for US investors see note below).

How to Invest in African Lions Fund
  1. Register a free account at
  2. Download from the “My Account” page:
    1. The Private Placement Memorandum and read it.
    2. The Subscription and Redemption form and fill it out
    3. The Self-Certification form for end of year tax reporting and fill it out.
  3. Send the forms along with a Certified True Copies (definition of this is in the Subscription form instructions) of a photo identification document (passport preferred) and a recent “proof of address” (utility bill, for example) to the Administrator, Bolder Investment Services SG <>
  4. Await a response from Bolder as to whether your documentation is in order.
  5. If so, wire the funds.
  6. Await confirmation.
  7. Receive a Contract Note showing the shares you have subscribed for in the Fund.

Each month you get a statement from the Administrator showing you how the value or your shares has changed. You also get a letter from me with a rundown of how the fund is doing and what it has been buying and selling.

Furthermore, you get access to a quarterly video conference call with me and the other investors, where I go into more detail and answer any questions.

Each year the Administrator also sends you audited financial statements and I will provide an annual report.


We are considering structuring an onshore Feeder Fund that will allow up to 99 US persons in the African Lions Fund. The aim is to get it set up ready to go in 1H2023.

If you are a US citizen or resident, and would like to invest alongside Tim Staermose, please fill out this form.

African Lions Fund Corporate Structure